I have to admit, sometimes we are so focused on doing... we forget to continue telling the story for those outside our circle of projects.  But nevertheless, here YOU go!

Construction.  And lots of it.  
We have been very fortunate in the last few months to be working with some great contractors.  Ones that value simplicity, high quality and communication.  There is this age old assumption in construction that the Architect is the Contractor's nemesis, and vice versa.  And yes, that unfortunate situation can occur.  But we try our best to diffuse any of those attitudes when they crop up on a project.  And lately, there has not even been the need.  Great people to work with all around.

And the best part about it, our clients' projects are the beneficiary of this teamwork.  

Seeking new project sites.  
We have traveled most of the Southern California freeways lately scouting out properties with our clients.  It's a great opportunity when we can be a resource for our clients as they determine the place, the site and/or the building to facilitate their dream.

We sketch.  I'd go so far as to say it's a benefit we have of working in architecture.  We get to sketch.  
Most of the time we use pens, markers, pencils (or my new LAMY), and then sometimes we go digital.  We use Blubeam on computers, GoodReader on iPads and recently I'm adding the attractor lines we are exploring in Rhino & Grasshopper.  Our good friend Dean over at DLAAF keyed us into the concept and the iterative nature of the script feels like sketching.

Let's talk community redevelopment!  We did some re-envisioning of a building block up in the central part of the State.  Stay tuned, we'll do a write up on this story. 

Furniture, you need it.  So why not make it custom? 
Our list of partners keeps growing.  We design and they fabricate.  Both doing what we do best.  It's been tables, millwork, desks, stools, credenzas...

Measure twice.  There seems to be exponential measurement taking when you sketch, model, iterate and then observe.  But it's worth it, everyone is happier only cutting once.  And I mean everybody!

Hold on.  2015 may be right around the corner, but we're not done with 2014 yet!