We love art.  Really.  There is so much added value.  To a space, mental stimulation, visual intrigue...  It's not coincidence that we landed our headquarters downtown next to the Artists Village here in Santa Ana.  

So when it comes to our office, we debated for awhile what we should do.  But when it came down to it, we decided it would be more fun to have an outsider influence the studio culture than to create something ourselves.   Ryan Callis is a long time friend that continues to inspire me with his work. (Shhhhhhhhhh and dolphin night toast painting...) There's a quirk and a pop about his works that just grab a hold of my senses.  We were fortunate to pick up an original a few years back for the #itzencollection that I get to enjoy at home, but now we needed something where we spend most of our days creating.

The discussions with Ryan before he started were super interesting.  An architect brainstorming with an artist.  We talked permanent vs. take it with us.  Paint vs. collage.  2d, 3d.  ITZEN vs. Callis.  And in the end, well... you decide.  

We asked Ryan not to tell us what the story was that went in to the piece.  We'll save that for another day.  So it's fun when guests come by and ask what it's all about... we just get to smile and say "we don't know!"

Thank your Ryan for sharing your passion, skills and personality with us.  I smile when I walk into the office and see this.  We have a Ryan Callis original that we won't be able to take with us, and perhaps the first painting he has ever done while wearing sunglasses indoors.

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Then, clap your hands and say YEAH!!!