Jana continues to  join our colleagues in making a difference through our profession (AIACC, AIA national, AEP, YAF... I'm sure there are acronyms I'm forgetting), and this time it takes us to Kansas City to join the other large states of this great country in sharing, planning and learning from each other.

However my sharing, planning and learning takes another form as I get to know and explore the city a bit more as I've only been here once before.  


With natural, modern design tendencies... it's always a treat to stay in the midst of other creative, well executed visions.  To experience the elevators at Hotel Phillips alone was a treat.


Just a bird on a window.


This wall of art had a great local story, it is a part of city walking tour of public art installations.  To fully experience the colors you have to break off the sidewalk traffic and walk down the alley a bit. 


The City Market and Carollo's.  I scored a truly authentic italian sandwich amidst their large containers of various olives. 


Just a bit of moving art on the side wall of a parking structure.  Why not, right?


Peep this Eames.


And perhaps the biggest artistic surprise and delight were the taxidermy peacocks.  Thank you  Petah Coyne for your Untitled #1336.  Stunning.  The experience cannot be communicated through photograph, but although the birds are stunningly full of color I believe this high contrast image does a pretty good job of conveying the initial feel I had of walking into the space.  The rest of the experience is for you to find.