HAPPY 2015

We have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to 2014.  ITZEN went to new lengths, depths and dimensions.  Some we saw coming and some we grew into!  Thank you for joining us in the journey...

Projects.  They start AND end with you (our clients, that is).  You are what makes a project.  Thank you to all 26+ of you in 2014.  We have been fortunate to work on a variety of projects that range from a barn to custom furniture and from a pool house to corporate office interiors. As we step into 2015, we are eager to keep up the variety.

People and places.  We had 4 interns over the course of this past year AND hired Carrie on full time!  Our design studio in downtown Santa Ana just keeps getting better as we get to know more of our neighbors (CRAVE, Gunther's, the Good Beer company to name a few) and the heart of why they do business and why they choose DTSA.

We are excited that 2015 is here and look forward to more projects, impacting more people in a positive, insightful way.  Thanks for making us your favorite architects, we enjoy it!