A couple weeks ago one of our clients mentioned that he had just returned a book to the library about how to work with an architect. It blew us away! He gets it. And then yesterday amidst light conversation a friend innocently asked, "What does an architect do?" I smiled.

Through these couple of conversations there's been a bit of a revival in me to educate people what we do as architects and with clients how can we have the greatest possible relationship. Whether it's working with your architect, contractor or dentist... the relationship matters. How we relate, understand and communicate can propel our project further than anyone could have imagined. So, we found some articles that others have written and each have their own positive spin on working with us (architects):

On the official, serious side of the discussion is the AIA's (our professional organization) website How Design Works For You. And you can specifically check out the section Working With An AIA Architect (you have 2 here at ITZEN).

Bob Borson's eloquent wit is fantastic to read. This article is focused on The Architect's Ego.

houzz is such a great resource to residential architecture. In their article on How to Work With an Architect you get simple points to focus on.

Dwell's bold magazine you've probably seen on your friend's coffee table... and well, yes they to answer Five Questions about Working With Architects

And just so we reach beyond the architecture world, US News focused really well on How to Talk with an Architect