Too cheesy?  Maybe, but...

For the last year we have had the pleasure to demo the Float desk from Humanscale. If you are not familiar with the concept of a sit/stand desk, they raise and lower with a squeeze of your hand on a lever just under the desktop. William has enjoyed his enough to come to the conclusion that we should get more for the office and so we ordered two more Float desks.

Along with ordering two more of these desks we went with a custom desk top option to satisfy our desires for a deep desk space. However, after receiving our desk tops we were immediately concerned with their weight (potentially over 75 lbs). Causing us to wonder if the mechanics of the float desk would be able to handle the weight. After getting them together came the moment of truth, and sure enough the Float worked just fine, easily being able to raise and lower the desks.

Finally I can say we are now a fully functional Float desk office, and standing has become a part of our everyday work flow. I can’t say we are standing all the time or as much as we should be but I can say we all do at least three times a week. The visual reminder of any of us standing usually prompts a standing party and we all join for as long as we feel like standing. We have read the many accounts of standing time and frequency suggestions, but for now we are keeping it casual and not making it feel like a requirement .  This keeps the use fun and at random. 

Besides standing being healthy for your body during the day, another benefit I noticed is it helps break the day up for me. I don’t have a set time that I stand or a set length I do it for but going between sitting and standing somehow makes the time pass quicker. I know William likes the standing configuration when it comes to him moving from space to space within the office, say from his desk to the conference room, or to make some coffee. This eliminates the constant sitting and standing up and creates a better work flow for him.

We all like these desks here at ITZEN and think it has helped create an interesting dynamic in the office. I would recommend these for any type of open office layout because they are great visual reminders to users as well as a good way to change the feeling of the office.

-CJ Reed