It was time.  We took our first step into the world of design awards last week.  It's a funny thing the idea of a design award, which has been discussed about at length by a variety of writers over the years.  (I cannot find any online or I would insert link HERE)  Is it to elevate the profession, ego, marketing opportunities or all of the above?

Well, our first awards adventure comes in the form of the AIA Orange County's Design Awards 2014.  Award submittals are anonymous, so we will refrain from linking directly to our submittal till later.  However, go and check out the submittals.  There are plenty of entries that will stimulate your design sensibilities.  

You may be thinking to yourself, okay... Why did we submit?  And do you think you can win?  So here we go:

  1. We are really enjoying what we are doing here in the studio.  We believe in our approach to architecture and want to start sharing it in new avenue streams.  And this is perhaps the premier way for our peers to see what we're doing and HOW we're doing it.  
  2. It's rewarding to share and be a contributor in the dialog of architecture.  (parallel with why I teach as well)
  3. We are alumni of the most award winning firm in Orange County.  It would be a knock on them if we weren't following in their lead!  Right?  
  4. There is plenty to learn about ourselves in the process.  
  5. And yes, we do.  In the words of our client, "...get in it to win it :-)"

So, if you've ever wondered if you could hang out with a room full of the best architects around... here's your chance.  Get your ticket to the event and we'd love to enjoy a glass of wine with you.  We'll be the ones dressed to have fun, celebrating all the great work submitted this year!

(And I'll post our submittal after the event along with our lessons learned, there are many.)