Designed to skate or not?

Trained as an adolescent to look for anything and everything I could skate, I cannot help but still see the built world in this way.

Whether in a skate video or just down at the high school, there are standard skate-able elements (curbs, ledges, stairs) and there are extraordinary elements of opportunity (China Banks, Brooklyn Banks, Pier 7).  As an architect I now tend to look at those extraordinary spots with a new intrigue.  Did the architect know how amazing it would be to skate that while in design?  Did the client know?  With the current wholesale distribution of skate stoppers out there, you would think no and yes.  But...

in the end, all I know is how much fun it is to have these serendipitous moments still come along.

(location above to remain undisclosed, it would ruin the serendipity for you)