10 YR EVENT...


We experienced Disneyland like never before a few Tuesday nights ago.  An empty Main Street!  


I've yet to decide if I learn more through architectural photographs with our without people.  On one hand people can be a distraction from viewing the well thought out details and superb craftsmanship.  But on the other, you get the opportunity to observe the human experience.  Can I just get both please?

And photographs are one thing, but how about the real life, in living color, experience?  Having BOTH can be just as rare of an opportunity.

Well, not this time.  With a big thanks to our amigos Bobby and Ben for providing the other half of the Disney phenomenology education.  And if we didn't have friends to see, I think I could have just parked myself on a Main Street bench and observed the details all night long...  


or at least until 2am.


footnotes : Some may be wondering why an architect is telling this snippet of a story that's main subjects are a clothing company and a party at Disneyland.  Inspiration.  Cross pollination and passion are integral to the creative process at ITZEN.  It's about what is observed beyond the obvious.